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Corporate Philosophy

Meyer Sound has always created totally integrated systems: comprehensive solutions encompassing transducer design, signal processing, and power amplification, as well as tools to support these systems with electroacoustic prediction, system measurement and alignment, signal processing, and system drive.
Meyer Sound engineers have earned an enviable reputation for developing unique solutions to some of the most difficult problems confronting audio professionals. Meyer Sound breakthroughs — such as the 1995 introduction of self-powered systems — have often become standard in the industry. The company’s 34 U.S. and foreign patents and numerous awards (including five prestigious TEC awards) present further testimonial to Meyer Sound’s advances to the art and science of audio.
With the 2006 acquisition of LCS Audio and release of the Galileo loudspeaker management system, Meyer Sound decisively entered the world of digital audio, positioning the company to continue leading the industry into the future.
John Meyer’s philosophy is that no component of a system should be compromised to compensate for variables “upstream” or “downstream”; the entire system must be conceived, designed, manufactured, and tested as a whole. Further, Meyer Sound believes that exceptional customer support both before and after a sale, including science-based professional training, is equally a part of the company’s mission.
The company’s ultimate goals are meeting the needs of our customers and providing the best experience possible to them and to audiences. For Meyer Sound, doing business is all about the relationships we build and maintain with our customers.
When customers invest in equipment, they are making a commitment that goes beyond the financial. Recognizing our customers’ investment in the company, as well as its products, Meyer Sound is dedicated to delivering products and services that continue to pay returns on that investment for years after the purchase.
Meyer Sound products are designed for long product life and each new product is carefully considered to insure that it adds capabilities to the product line and does not simply obsolete customers’ investments prematurely. Specifications are derived from careful measurements taken using scientific methods designed to produce statistics meaningful to real-world applications, not just inflated marketing numbers. This guarantees that customers actually get the performance that is promised.
As a privately-owned, family-operated company, Meyer Sound is not beholden to investors, enabling the company to pursue these goals without compromise and be immediately responsive to customers’ requirements. When a customer has special needs or a problem, Meyer Sound is able to go the extra mile in resolving the situation quickly and properly. Honoring the primacy of the customer is an imperative that permeates every department at every level of the company.



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