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Forward Looking

Meyer Sound is proud of its accomplishments and constantly looking for new ways to improve the audio experience of its customers and of audiences. In fact, nothing excites us more than new possibilities opened up by emerging technologies, as well as finding new solutions to longstanding problems and continually improving what we already do. The world of digital audio is the new frontier, and Meyer Sound is, as usual, at the forefront of it, with products that sound better than the rest, perform more reliably, and offer the functions audio professionals really need. The addition of LCS Audio to the Meyer Sound family brings access to years of experience in pioneering advanced digital audio systems, thereby placing the company squarely in the forefront of the field.

The release of the Galileo loudspeaker management system is Meyer Sound’s first step into providing truly high-quality digital audio processing to its customers. But Galileo is only the beginning and our laboratories are bustling with ideas and activity that will improve the way people do live sound. Meyer Sound is poised to revolutionize sound reinforcement technology…again.



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