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Service and Support

Even once a Meyer Sound loudspeaker meets all factory standards, superior performance in practice requires involvement of the manufacturer before and after the product is shipped. Powerful Meyer Sound tools such as MAPP Online Pro acoustical prediction software and the SIM audio analyzer system help professionals achieve the best possible results in the field. Meyer Sound’s Design Services group provides consulting assistance to ensure the most appropriate selection and deployment of Meyer Sound products in a system design. Meyer Sound customer service and technical support staff are known throughout the industry for their thoroughness, deep technical knowledge base and accessibility anywhere around the globe.

Raising standards through education.

Sound reinforcement is a complex combination of art and science. Since its founding, Meyer Sound has held a firm belief that the more customers understand the science of sound system applications, the more they can focus on the art. From white papers to application notes, the company has made accurate documentation available to anyone eager to learn. The Meyer Sound website has become one of the industry’s established resources for authoritative information on topics of interest to sound reinforcement practitioners. Starting in the mid-80s with the original SIM School, which teaches the company’s award-winning source independent measurement technique, and continuing through the current series of seminars covering modern topics like line array theory and applications, use of acoustical prediction, and sound system design, Meyer Sound has brought hands-on education to professionals wherever in the world they live.

Today, the company continues to expand its educational outreach to customers at all levels of technical expertise. Meyer Sound’s Educational Programs Department coordinates the company’s seminars and other global educational efforts, developing new content to reflect the informational needs of its customers and the professional audio community. A 57-seat theatre at Meyer Sound’s Berkeley headquarters allows onsite training that can even include rigging demonstrations. Educated users are equipped to make the best use of their sound systems, which is a goal fundamental to Meyer Sound’s mission.



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